Ring Fight

The question, "To Ring, or Not to Ring," is one that we struggled with for quite some time. Neither one of us particular wanted to wear a traditional wedding band on the traditional finger. Why? I dunno, thatís kind of difficult to explain. If you corner one or both of us, weíll come up with answers, but I think the truth of it is weíre just sort of resistant to normalcy.

Well, finally, we were on our way from the airport to Chris Bailey, my sister Dianaís fianceís, parents house in Del Mar when we had our ring fight. It wasnít really ugly or anything, but basically the problem was that I really wanted to give Tori a wedding ring but didnít know it. Partly I wanted to give her a ring because I thought she would want me to want to give her a ring, but also, hey, I just wanted to give her a ring. Anyhow, of course I didnít completely realize any of this consciously, I just kept after her, asking her what she wanted to do ring-wise, and asking her if she wanted a ring from me, etc. etc.

It wasnít until we were driving back to our hotel that I realized and admitted that I wanted to buy and give her a ring. As it turns out, I didnít care whether it was a ring-finger ring or a "traditional" wedding-looking ring or not. I just wanted to buy and give her a ring.

That was ok with her.

So, finally, that was settled.

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