Invitations, One

Our first struggle with Invitations was figuring out WHAT on earth to say. We struggled with several different ideas. Rhyming poetry. Silly puns. "Carpe Pumpkin ... Seize the Squash," for example. Phrases that played off of the Halloween aspect of the party like "We eerily request your presence ..." or "We want to see your Cadaver ..."

None of that was quite right, though.

Part of the struggle was figuring out whether to use traditional, wedding-type language or to go strictly conversational English. We didnít want the invitation to be so casual that people would treat it like "just another party" but on the other hand, we were already planning on using very traditional stationery for the invitations, so we didnít want to overdo the formality.

We finally hit on a concept, that was based on how we really felt about being in the Bay Area after living so long in Southern California. We were onto the feeling tone we wanted.

Eventually, we developed this concept into the final invitation text.

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