Registration Fight

Many of our friends who are married warned us about the unavoidability of the registration fight.

They were right.

Ours happened while we were doing our registration research in Crate & Barrel. Tori has been struggling in general (and specifically with me) to keep the number of items cluttering our kitchen to a minimum. Shelf space is always limited and if it isnít (it is, but if it isnít) you still want the things you use all the time very accessible. This means that unused or infrequently used items should be stored in the least convenient places (relative to the rest of the kitchen items ... duh, you donít have to go out of your way to find inconvenient places). In our case, that means some things are packed and stored in the garage.

Furthermore, while Tori and I both felt a little awkward about registering. First, weíve been living together for so long, we really do have a lot of stuff already. Second, weíre not throwing a traditional wedding where everyone is expected send or bring gifts. Third, it just feels a little funny to make a huge, public list of the stuff you want, especially since we have most of the easy stuff and registered for a lot of big, expensive stuff.

Anyhow, for whatever reason, Tori and I like very simple stoneware designs. White. White with simple trim.

We were standing in the Crate & Barrel looking at an entire wall of white, stoneware serving dishes. Tori was trying to figure out which sizes we would be the most likely to use, and I, in my infinite sensitivity, glance up and down the wall, and say:

"Shit ... letís make it easy and just register for one of each."

Honestly and to tell the truth ... I was joking.

I did like a lot more of the pieces than Tori, but I really wasnít that taken with the gravy boat, the salt/pepper shakers, or the butter dish. Anyhow, Tori thought I was serious.

Ugliness ensued.

Needless to say, we stopped our research for the day ....

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