Too Big (Room)

We made several trips to the Claremont to look at the rooms we had reserved for the party, the Horizon Room, and for the ceremony itself, the Lanai Room III. We wanted to keep reminding ourselves of the actual size, the actual shape, the actual decor, and the general ambiance of the room itself. First impressions fade and as new ideas on decorations, setup, and the like came up.

For example, we made sure to visit once in the evening so we could see the rooms in the lighting that wed have for our party.

On one of the early such visits, we both looked around the Horizon Room and imagined, in the most high school of nightmares, how it would look when only a twenty or thirty people showed up and lined the walls, too shy to speak to each other while bad music played out of bad amplifiers, to a huge, empty room. AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Fade to black.

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