Grandma Knapp's '37 Road Trip

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In 1937, my maternal grandmother, Joycolyn Knapp (1, 2, 3, 4), took a road trip with my grandfather, Jack Knapp, his sister Gladys, and her husband Wayne "Windy" Anderson. I hope you enjoy Grandma's amazing photo journal of their trip. Start the trip.

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About this site

    Most people won't be interested in the following. Start the trip.

    I scanned Grandma's journal (including the front cover, inside back cover, and page 41 twice) as 600 dpi black and white (the cover in color) TIFF images. Specifically:

    • 72 pages 600 dpi b/w
    • 1 full page 600 dpi color (the cover)
    • 37 postcards 600 dpi color
    • 3 flyer pages
    • 113 total scans

    The TIFF files were scanned and saved using the following settings:

    • b/w: sharp b/w photo, bright 134, contrast 140
    • color: millions of colors, bright 140, contrast 150
    • pages: scanned full size
    • color postcards: scanned as pagenuma, pagenumb, etc.
    • b/w postcards: scanned as page (no need to save size as w/color)

    These files (~2.4GB or ~4 CD-ROMs) are available to family members on request.

    The website site is made up of 368 HTML pages, 368 JPEG graphics, and one GIF graphic. The JPEG files were converted from the TIFF files and saved using the following settings:

    • dpi: 72
    • landscape: 600 pixels width
    • portrait: 440 pixels height

    Note: I adjusted the cover JPEG's color to better replicate the actual color of the cover. The original, default scan was too bright/cheery/warm.

    These files (~11.3MB) are available for download.

    Start the trip.

All text and images are Copyright © 2000 Paul Nagai