Grandma Knapp's '37 Road Trip

My Favorites

Page 11 Cody get's a mention, Buffalo Bill Statue, and the general layout of the page.
Page 14 Great pic of Yellowstone Lake.
Page 18 Check out these people and those bears. It scares me just lookin' at these shots! Be sure and click on the bear pictures and on the details of those bear pictures.
Page 21 I just love this shot of Old Faithful. It's so dramatic.
Page 29 How can you not love these pictures of the Bay Bridge.
Page 32 Check out this shot of Grandma Knapp. (There is a detail of the detail like the bear shots above.)
Page 42 Ok. This isn't a favorite, it's an explanation of the Intermission. I scanned one of the pages twice, but didn't notice until deep into the development of this site. I didn't want to rename all of the graphics following this page or fix all of the html pages referring to it.

So you get an intermission! :)

Page 44 The saucy picture caption (center) cracks me up!
Page 48a This page starts the first series of postcards. I think these postcards are quite beautiful.
Page 49b Especially this one.
Page 61 Two great pictures of Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Windy and Grandma and Gladys.

These two pictures have details of details, too.

Page 62 I just love the first picture on this page. It's kind of eerie.
Page 69 I wish I knew this guy's story.
Page 72 On-deck photo of Windy and Grandpa Jack.
Page 78 I wish these were in color. These gardens look pretty amazing. That's Grandma, again.
Page 80 Check out these critters.
Page 82a This series of postcards isn't as good, but I do like the ones at the end.


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