Invitations, Five

As we addressed the rest of the invitations, Tori and I split up several groups of numbers with which to mark the inside of the reply cards. We did this, marking down to whom wed sent what, etc. etc. On and on down the line. At one point as we neared the end of our invite list, I started wondering exactly how many invitations wed sent and how many we should have left.

As I started tallying up the different blocks of numbers (we handt even necessarily used sequential blocks of numbers), the numbers grew and grew. Fifty. Sixty.... Seventy. Eighty.... Uh oh.


You got it.


Oh shit.

As I addressed the final invitations on my list, I had reached invitation number ninety-eight. It was around 7:30 in the morning as I finished these final invites of mine and counted the the total number of invitations wed sent already. I knew that Tori had at least a couple of invitations left. I went to find her...she was getting ready to take a shower.

Casually (well, as casually as I could), I asked, "Tori? How many more invitations do you have left to address?" She replied, "Uh, I think one. No, two. I have two."

Phew. Good. Still, that's cutting it a little too close for my tastes.

Well, that horror was over, but now I had to tell her how many invites wed sent, and by default, how many bodies we had invited to our party. Eeek.

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