Food, Two (Room Service)

Finally, everyone was gone. All the guests had left. The reverend, Jenny, and her husband, Craig, had left. Michele, the photographer, and her husband and assistant, Mil had left. All of our conspirators, save Chris and Diana, had left. We breathed a heavy sigh of relief. It's the same feeling you get when you take off dress shoes and dress clothes and lay back on your bed. Ahhh.....

We all went up to our rooms and changed into comfy clothes, sweats and tee shirts and the like.

I donít remember if Chris and Diana managed to eat any of the catered food or not, but Tori and I didnít. Neither one of us had found time to get ANYthing at all to eat except, of course, for the bite of wedding cake. If Chris and Diana did eat anything, I know it wasn't much.

As soon as Chris and Diana came back over to the Bridal Suite, we called room service to order some food.

Good news: Room Service answered the phone.

Bad News: Room Service said that the kitchen was closed.

Huh? What?

Bad News: Claremont Hotel Room Service closes at ten or eleven p.m.

Good News: they have snack packs available all night. Sandwich, chips, cookie, and a soda.

Bad News: They have run out of snack packs.

What? Yup.

No food to be had.

Good News: Snack machine on the third floor.

So, we gathered up all of our change and raided the soda and candy machines on the third floor. Oh yeah, and we did finish the champaigne and chocolate covered strawberries that the hotel had sent up earlier.

It wasn't long, we didn't talk about much that I remember, but it was a nice, relaxing, gentle way to let the fun and excitement of the evening slip on out.


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