The Date

Keith and Cathy had mentioned that they would be visiting us in California sometime in the fall (after their projected summer return) ... they mentioned October specifically.

We have always loved Halloween and have thrown pumpkin carving, pizza, and handing-out-candy parties for the occasion. How can you not love the idea of scary monsters, free candy, haunted houses, free candy, and the like!?

Anyhow, when Toriís parents began talking about visiting in October, we starting thinking we could somehow plan our wedding around a Halloween theme. The next time we spoke to Keith and Cathy, we let slip that we were thinking about having a Halloween party of some sort, and that October was an excellent time to visit, but could they make sure to visit at the end of the month, so as to be here for it.

As we thought more about it, we really struggled with the idea that Halloween itself fell on a Thursday but that it seemed so impractical to try and really have the party during the week. Who would be able to travel, let alone travel in the middle of the week? But it wasn't Halloween on any other day. Boo hoo.

We looked at a calendar and figured that October 31 didn't fall on a Saturday until 1998.

That was a little far off.

Finally we just decided that it had to be a Saturday and it had to be this year. That left the Saturday before and the Saturday after as possible dates and we figured the Saturday after was a silly idea ... all the Halloween Spirit would be gone.

And so it was decided.

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