The Conspirators

One really nice thing about having asked Diana, and through her, Chris, if they minded if we got married during their announced engagement, was that we now had two people to whom we would be able to talk about our ongoing plans, should we continue with them ... two people who were going to be able to help us think through all of our options, to plan, to consider, and to shop.

Soon, also for this reason, we would tell our friends, Jenny & Craig and David & Nancy and Debbie & Doug and Rich & Diane, about our secret engagement because we needed more people to talk to about what we were thinking, to share in the fun, and these four we knew would enjoy the idea of a secret, surprise wedding.

It was also clear that we were going to need their help not just with our own planning but with encouraging our invitees to attend, to costume seriously. They were spies in enemy camp! Provacateurs. Conspirators extraordinaire.

Aside from some of the very real, practical help these folks would provide, they were really just great to have aware of what was going on so we could tell them this story or that...share this problem or ask for advice or just use as sounding boards for various ideas and plans.

To all you Conspiritors: THANKS! We couldn't have done it without you!

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