Checking In

We had reserved two rooms, one for Tori and I, and one for Chris and Diana. The desk gave us our keys, parking passes, directed us to our rooms, and told us which one was ours. She mentioned, "Oh, you have the bridal suite," and smiled. We went upstairs, went in to the room, and started setting down our stuff. The room had an absolutely fabulous view. Simply unbelievable. All the way down the South Berkeley border, across Oakland, across the bay to San Francisco, and, most spectacularly, the Golden Gate Bridge.

The room was a bit small, but had a nice bathroom, bed, and other furniture.

Tori went to check the other room, the one Chris and Diana were going to get. I started arranging our stuff, used the bathroom, generally poked around the room. You know, settled in a bit. Tori came back and said, "Youíve got to see Chris and Dianaís room. Itís pretty funny." We walked across the hall, and went into the room.


This was obviously our room. It was huge. It had a four poster bed. It had a couple of easy chairs and a coffee table. It had a telescope. It had a lounge ... one of those Cleopatra couch thingies. It had a dressing room between the room and the bathroom. And hey, it had a bidet!

Needless to say, we moved our stuff from Chris and Diana's room to the Bridal Suite.

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