Cake, Two

Despite the fact that there was never any question about whether or not we would have a cake, we were not really happy with the prospect that because we had a cake, we'd have to cut it. If there had been a way to avoid it gracefully, we would have.

We worried about this for a long time. Assuming we couldn't figure a way out of cutting the cake, would we feed each bites of cake?


Finally, and I can't remember exactly when we decided on this, it may have been the day itself, we figured it out.

We'd cut the cake normally (photos of this event, when viewed in context with the rest of our picutures look very, very strange because ... they look normal!) and prepare to feed each other a piece of cake, but suddenly, at the last moment, we'd each eat the piece of cake we were holding for each other.

Don't look for meaning in this act.


We just wanted to have fun and eat cake and get over with the pomp and plans and structure and just party.

The funny thing about the cake cutting was that JT, the Claremont Hotel's event runner (this is different from the planner), was helping us set up for the cutting of the cake when he suddently paused.

Speaking in a low voice, he asked, "Do you guys have anything planned for this?" He had figured out what we were about and knew something was up. I cracked up and said we did and explained the plan.

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