At one point while setting up the altar-space, Craig and I had pulled our cars up to the front of the Hotel to unload a bunch of the "stuff" we had brought. As we got out of our cars, opened trunks and hatches, etc., we were struck by the quality of the light.

Looking up and over our cars, we saw, through a few palm trees, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge aglow with that amazing peach/orange light that seems to exist only in the Bay Area. The whole back of the Hotel was simply lit up with this color.

We paused and stared.

Hotel staff, waiters arriving for and leaving from their shifts, the valets, guests, etc. all stood in awe.

One guy, I think he was a valet, on his way out into the lot to pick up a car, turned and saw the sunset unfolding and said, "KAPOW."

The sun sank below the horizon and the moment broke...and everyone returned to their tasks. I'm sure that for most of those people, the memory of that particular sunset will fade into memories of other sunsets watched and appreciated, but for me, that one will stand out.

Yes, "Kapow."

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