Although we do and did take our vows seriously, we definitely did not want the entire ceremony to be heavy, slow, or, well, too serious. We most especially did not want the beginning of the ceremony to be too reverential.

We knew that after guiding everyone into the room and arranging them around the altar-space, there would be a ponderousness, a piousness that we did not want to perpetuate on into the ceremony.

We asked Jenny if she would feel comfortable delivering one of the most hysterical lines from one of the best movies of all time, Princess Bride. In this movie, Princess Buttercup, believing her True Love, Wesley, is dead, is being forced into marriage with the evil, King Humperdink.


A long shot from the upper reaches of the back of a cathedral zooms slowly in on Humperdink and Buttercup before the altar and the priest (Monty Python's Eric Idle) dressed in near-papal finery while organ music (220k) plays heavy and slow.

The organ music stops. A looong silence with all eyes on the priest. Finally, he speaks:


Riotously funny, I assure you.

The opening lines (181k) of the ceremony, before they are interrupted (you'll just have to see the movie) are:

Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. Marriage that blessed arrangement. That dream within a dream.

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