Invitations, Four

We rushed home and addressed the ten or fifteen invitations going out to people who lived quite far away who we hadn’t ever informed about our "party." Many of our friends who would be travelling, we had already told about the party. Those invitations we would send tomorrow or the next day. So, we wrote the invitations.

Also, we had heard of a trick to help identify any reply cards returned but not "signed." If you open the reply card (which is always a folded card ... why, I don’t know, perhaps so you can do this trick ... nah, I doubt it), and write, lightly, with pencil, a number, you can track to whom you’ve sent what card. That way, if they forget to write "The Joneses" or some such, you know to who has replied.

Well, we’d talked about this trick with a several of our friends who were in on the surprise and didn’t want anyone to look at the back and go, "Hey, we weren’t #1!" This wasn’t a serious concern, mind you. Our friends are more mature than that ... well mostly. You know who you are :-)

Anyhow, we addressed the invitations and went to sleep exhausted.

We mailed them the next day on the way to work.


Uh oh, I know what you're thinking: Too easy.


When Tori got home from work, she had the look of death on her face.

She explained that she had been looking at our invitations and realized that nothing anywhere identified this as OUR party. Our names didn't appear anywhere on the invitation. Duh. How stupid.

We had eventually, while working on our invitations, we developed a concept that avoided the traditional wedding formal language figuring. Our invitations themselves were "formal" enough.

Well, that formal language, fortunately for most wedding throwers, automatically includes the names of those throwing (and participating in) the wedding. In our efforts to avoid that wording we had managed to neglect to say WHO was throwing the party.


Well, we swallowed our pride and put together a post card and sent it to those people to whom we’d rushed invitations that morning. It explained that the invitation they had just received (or were just about to receive) was from us.


Postscript: We modified the maps in our invitations so they reflected our identities so subsequent recipients would know who we, the party thowers, were.

One more time:


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