Bob Mathias/Alta Sierra/Cloverleaf
Boys and Girls Camp
Alumni Association

Welcome to anyone who attended Bob Mathias Sierra Boys and Girls Camp (often abbreviated BMSBC or BMSGC) or Alta Sierra Boys and Girls Camp or Cloverleaf Camp.

The easiest place to find fellow alums, photos, memories, etc., is on Facebook here at the group named Alta Sierra Alumnae:

There is also a Yahoo! mailing list for the email-only inclined. However, while the list is still technically working, there is next to no activity. Maybe, if you're really anti-Facebook, pro-email, and very interesting, you can revive the list ... at least for a short while. Good Luck, should you try!

To join the Bob Mathias Sierra Camps and Alta Sierra Camps and Cloverleaf Camps Reunion Yahoo! mailing list:

Note: The following instructions are very possibly out of date: Once there, click on the "Join This Group" button.

If you are already a member of Yahoo groups, please sign in, set your email preferences, and you will immediately join this group.

If you are new to Yahoo Groups, click the "sign up now" link on the left hand side. The instructions are easy to follow and take about 5 minutes to complete. At the bottom of the registration page, I suggest you remove the check box for "receiving emails from Yahoo partners" to eliminate unwanted emails.

After you submit the form, it will confirm your registration. You will be sent to the account information page. Enter your password and click the button. It will take you to the page to adjust your marketing preferences. I suggest you click "don't include me" down the list unless you really want it. Lower down under EMAIL, you can set it so emails come to your regular email if you prefer. Below that, I would also un-check the U.S. mail box and Telephone box. Then click "Save Changes" Then click "Continue"

It will automatically take you back to the asc_reunion page. Set your email preferences and enter the word verification, then click "Join" at the bottom. At this last page, click the "go to asc_reunion home" link.


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