Bob Mathias/Alta Sierra/Cloverleaf
Boys and Girls Camp
Alumni Association

Welcome to anyone who attended Bob Mathias Sierra Boys and Girls Camp (often abbreviated BMSBC or BMSGC) or Alta Sierra Boys and Girls Camp or Cloverleaf Camp.

The easiest place to find fellow alums, photos, memories, etc., is on Facebook here at the public (anyone can join) group named Alta Sierra Alumnae:

We have just migrated the Yahoo! mailing list (now closed) to for anyone still email inclined. While the mailing list has been snatched from the digital dustbin, there will probably not be a lot of activity other than a small bubble each year leading up to our annual reunion (usually in October). Maybe, if you're really anti-Facebook, pro-email, and very interesting, YOU can revive the list ... at least for a short while. Good Luck, should you try!

To join the Bob Mathias Alta Sierra Camp Reunion mailing list, navigate here:

And follow's instructions for joining. Membership (and your first contribution to the list) are moderated, so be patient while we moderate.

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